Kevin, 24, is a physiotherapist by day and turns into an adventurous climber in the evening. Giulia, 25, a web developer by day, is always looking for new ideas for Mappando at night. She is shy, introverted, creative, dreamer and always looking for the “thing that makes your heart beats”. He is more concrete, extrovert, practical and always looking for “a good beer”. We said we should create something that pleases and contains all the passions that we share. From here the idea of ​​Mappando was born collecting emotions through our shots.


From here comes the idea of ​​Mappando, or rather, Giulia, the creative of the two of us, convinced me to create our way of traveling, a way that allows us to see more details and nuances of the place in question to make the most of our time and finances available.

The main idea is to live our couple as an adventure that develops every day, especially the weekends when we satisfy our desire to visit the city by getting lost in the streets, looking at a building or a shop, taking special photos or even just for the sake of discovering and having fun.

If you are workers or students like us always ready to think about the next holidays and you are looking for a low cost travel, which will remain imprinted in your memory, you have entered the blog for you!


  • Wanderlust
  • Dreams
  • Creativity
  • Logic
  • Sweetness

We collaborated with brands and tourism organisation through Europe : Failte Ireland, Ruigor, Concept Cote Ouest, Lalalab, Kinsmet, Sandmarc, Weekendesk, Mapiful, Sixt,  Romagna Welcome, VisitTuscany and others, to create visuals for their communication online. 

We built a project designed on our dreams and we can tell the next story together. 

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Our team

Everyone has his abilities and his passions and together we are a great team and a small family

Giulia Dalla Stella
Giulia Dalla Stella
Photographer & 3D artist

Sempre alla ricerca di nuovi progetti, cerca di esprimere se stessa attraverso le sue foto e le creazioni 3D.


Lei é la più dolce del gruppo e la nostra piccolina

Kevin Ferrari
Kevin Ferrari
Physioterapist & video maker

Lui è la mente dei nostri video. Ha la fotografia nel  DNA.

You can find us in Nice, France
contact us at mappandoinove@gmail.com
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