Travel to Sweden: 10 things to know before departure

After having told you in detail our road trip in Sweden here are summarized our travel tips.

1 – Why a trip in Sweden?

Are you lovers of nature and outdoor activities? Then this verdant country is the destination for you. Campsites immersed in the woods, countless lakes and rich wildlife will captivate you. You can not miss the excursions inside the national parks. The trails are really well-traced and the landscapes breathtaking.

 Advice: Tresticklan nationalpark

2 – The best time to go

The best time to reach Sweden is at the end of July, the hottest time of the year. The chances of finding a sunny day with an average temperature of 20 ° C increase. For us Italians I would say a necessity! For this same reason it is also the most crowded period, but do not worry, in most places you it is not a problem, there is enough space for everyone.

In any case, be careful not to be surprised by the rain, bring ponchos and waterproof sheets. Some drizzle is always lurking.

Advice: the last week of july

3 – Where to sleep

If you can give up some comfort for breathtaking awakenings, the tent is one of the best ways to enjoy this country. The campsites are numerous and really well served. The pitches for the tents are always those with the best landscape, if you can also give up electricity (as we did using the power bank) then you will be even more in touch with nature. Among those who camp in tents you will see mostly Swedish families with children, really to be imitated for the organization.


  • Bullarebygdens Camping (Vassbotten) for the landscape

  • Ursand Camping (Vänersborg) for the services

Bullarebygdens Camping

4 – What to eat

Given the rather high cost of restaurants and the menus in Swedish, we ate between green meadows, gardens and on the banks of the lakes. The price of food in supermarkets is not excessive and there are also good offers on fish. Smoked salmon with dill was the basis of our diet for our 5 days on the road. You can not miss the beautiful salads that you can make by yourself directly, choosing from countless ingredients and sauces, in local supermarkets.

For the dinners we took advantage of our camping stove and cooked without problems risottos, goulash and pasta. Enjoying the landscapes at sunset from the heat of our sleeping bags.

But if you can afford some dinner outside, I recommend going to one of the quaint little places along the pier, in the town of Smögen, whose typical dish is the fresh shrimps of the area. Even at the Koster Islands we were advised to eat, in the restaurant located on the northern island you can taste the lobster, and fresh fish on the long terrace with sea view.


  • Cheaper: smoked salmon and fresh salads at the supermarkets

  • Restaurants along the Smogen pier

5 -Lovers of animals: where to go

Swedish wildlife is really rich and changes from area to area. In the south it is possible to go on safari in search of elks, to see them in the woods and to admire them really deserves the money spent. What we have been to the safari on the Halle and Hunnberg plateau, near the small and unconventional town of Vãnersborg. Also during your walks through the woods you can find deer, eagles or, if you are lucky, even the wolf.

Another safari that I think should not be missed is the one to discover the seal colonies. These can be found off Smögen (boats leave right from the pier), or the Koster Islands. If you go up to the center of the village you will find the nature reserves where you can meet the brown bear and the famous farms with their sled dogs. An adventure not to be missed, if you go during the winter.

Advice: elk safari(Vänersborg)

6 – Activities to do

As I have already written a few times, but I will not tire of doing it, the lakes of the Dalsland province are a must-see. Going along paths around them, making cruises to reach the heart or taking advantage of the aquatic activities, you can see the suggestiveness. It is easy to find canoe or kayak rentals that are also quite convenient, to explore the banks in the midst of the blue of their waters.

Lake Vänern is ideal for fishing enthusiasts. In addition to being the largest in Sweden, you can also fish without a license. If you also want to try the salmon fishing, you can be accompanied by fishermen in the area with their boats and their equipment, ready to go home with a nice booty. But I warn you that the prices are really dizzying. Lobster fishing is much more affordable and can be done at the Koster islands, where many other activities start.


  • Kayaking at the Vänern lake or Stora Le

  • salmon or lobster fishing

7 – Cities to visit

The first one to name is a seaside town, of which you will surely have seen at least one photo: the town of Smögen with its colored houses on the long wooden pier.

Then Gothenburg is Sweden’s second largest city, after Stockholm of course. It is a town teeming with life and youth. You will be able to enjoy a fresh beer on the banks of the river, along with hundreds of young people who meet there. On the left side of the main road, leave the park Trädgårdsföreningen and you will find numerous restaurants with long windows, already crowded since the early hours of the afternoon. If you are passionate about art, however, you can not miss the Museum of Art.


  • Smogen: a walk along the pier

  • Gothenburg: the Trädgårdsföreningen park

8 – Places to shoot

If you, like me and Kevin, are passionate about photography, then you should not miss these enchanted places. One of the places that most symbolizes the wild nature of Sweden is the Tresticklan national park. Infinite woods that are reflected on the waters of small lakes, islets with solitary floating pines, you will enter a small fairy tale, which you can explore along the path.

The second place I recommend you to go are the Koster Islands: one of those wonders, hard to forget. Idyllic, serene, with fine sandy beaches and thick woods. An ideal place to find inspiration. With their small villages and the fishermen’s boats they make the atmosphere of peace that hovers you.

A photo postcard is what you will get if you go to photograph the Smögen pier with its bright colors.

Then go to Gothenburg if you want to capture the city life.


  • Tresticklan for natural landscapes

  • the Koster Islands for the nature and little villages

  • Smogen for a colourful postcard

  • Gothenburg for the city life

9 – How to get there

Sweden is a very expensive country, but with the necessary precautions you can make a nice trip from a really cheap price.

An alternative to the purchase of direct flights to Sweden, is the night train EN 300 Berlin-Malmö. You will also have the opportunity to visit the beautiful Berlin, to which the flights from Italy are really cheap. A second alternative, if you can catch up on time, is Copenhagen. In fact, Malmö can be reached from the Danish capital within 40 minutes by car and flight prices are usually cheaper.

Finally, do not worry about the return, from the town of Gothenburg Ryanair flights are really at bargain prices.

Advice: night train EN 300 Berlin-Malmö

10-How to go around

A highly recommended means of transport is the car, booked by us through Rentalcars. In addition to the freedom of choice that leaves the car, to be able to achieve the itinerary that you like, even the economic aspect is not to be underestimated. If you find a good offer for the rental the additional costs will be very few. Hertz gave us a brand new Renault Clio with minimal fuel consumption. A full has been enough for the whole holiday. Also the paid motorways do not exist so feel free to grind kilometers without any restrictions.

Advice: the car of course

On the road to Gothenburg

What do you think of these 10 musts about Sweden? Are they useful?

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Comments (16)

Che posti magnifici 🙂 Ci farò un pensierino per il prossimo luglio avevo in mente proprio di andare in un paese del Nord Europa in mezzo alla natura

Stefania la Svezia é davvero magica, per noi é stata la prima estate all’insegna di campeggi e temperature al di sotto dei 20°C e di sicuro non l’ultima. Ce ne siamo innamorati e non vediamo l’ora di avere un po’ di ferie per poter organizzare un’altro viaggio unico! Se vuoi qualche consiglio non esitare a scrivermi 🙂

Io sono stata a Stoccolma e nei dintorni e mi.piacerebbe tornare a visitare questo Paese per la sua natura. Anche noi per mangiare ci siamo affidati ai supermercati (con bimbo in svezzamento!) e ce la siamo cavata benissimo! Su Stoccolma poi si vola a poco con Ryanair…potrebbe essere un bel punto di partenza…

Concordo, per girare il centro nord Stoccolma é un punto di partenza perfetto! Sarà uno dei futuri viaggi 🙂

Da amante del freddo e del nord non posso che condividere questo bellissimo post! Dettagli molto utili per chi vuole intraprendere il viaggio fai da te!

Grazie mille! 🙂 Speriamo di poter proporre una meta altrettanto affascinante e fredda al più presto.

Che bellee vacanze dove si sfugge dal caldo e si va a visitare i paesi del nord! Noi siamo stati in Danimarca quest estate , on the road con i bimbi! ti piace il genere non potete perdervela!

Grazie Stefania! L’alternativa infatti era proprio quella di fare un giro in Danimarca e poi raggiungere la Svezia da Copenaghen, che é proprio attaccata, purtroppo non ce l’abbiamo fatta avendo pochi giorni disponibili. Speriamo di rimediare presto 🙂

complimenti per l’articolo! spero di poter organizzare presto un viaggio in Svezia!

Grazie mille Silvia! Lo spero anche io, la Svezia é davvero un paese affascinante! 🙂

Wow, sono stata solo a Stoccolma e purtroppo mi sono persa tutte queste bellezza naturali. In estate, poi, deve essere tutto ancora più magico!

Sì Giulia, é stato davvero magico! La Svezia secondo me é da girare tutta prima o poi. Noi siamo partiti dal sud, ma presto vorremo raggiungere anche Stoccolma ed il nord.

Visto che sogno di andare in Svezia da anni ma non mi sono ancora realmente informata, questo articolo mi è molto utile!
I safari per vedere gli alci e le foche sarebbero fantastici!! L’unica cosa che finora mi ha fatta esitare sono proprio i prezzi: quando vado all’estero mi piace mangiare cibo tipico e alloggiare comoda, ma so che appunto la Svezia costa moltissimo!

Dal punto di vista economica in effetti non é semplice. Per risparmiare bisogna fare qualche ‘sacrificio’. Noi tra campeggi e supermercati siamo riusciti a rimanere nel budget prefissato e devo dire che senza queste esperienze non sarebbe stata la stessa cosa.
Capisco comunque anche il tuo punto di vista, con qualche accortezza e magari risparmiando anche nei trasporti, prendendosi per tempo, puoi andare in qualche b&b.
Davvero prima o poi é una meta da scoprire.

Ciao ragazzi, grazie molte per i vostri bellissimi articoli (e foto!)…Complimenti! Continuerò a seguirvi! io partirò la prossima settimana per un viaggio in Svezia, che toccherà anche alcuni luoghi da voi visitati. Vi segnalo il mio blog (ancora neonato), se avete voglia di andare a dare un’occhiata mi farebbe molto piacere! Tra qualche settimana inseriro’ anche le mie foto svedesi, il diario di viaggio e l’itinerario.
Ho letto nei commenti che vi piacerebbe visitare Stoccolma (la mia città preferita!)… Se vi interessa, su viaggiodolceviaggio ne ho parlato parecchio e ho inserito mappe ed itinerari! Ciao!

Grazie mille Elena e complimenti per il tuo blog. Non vediamo l’ora di vedere le tue foto svedesi. 🙂 Appena organizzeremo un viaggio a Stoccolma consulteremo i tuoi articoli ed itinerari a riguardo. Noi a breve partiremo per l’Irlanda e anche questa volta road trip e camping, non vediamo l’ora!
Buon viaggio ed in bocca al lupo!

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