5 Christmas gifts for passionate travelers

If you are searching for a Christmas gift for a tireless traveler or traveler, scroll below. We have found for you some products that have really made us fall in love and for which we have obtained some discounts for you.

1. Print your memories

We often come back from our travels with GB and GB of photos to browse. Our memories all enclosed in pixels that we often do not remember. We recently decided to print the most exciting photographs of our travels in a small Polaroid-style format so we could hang them at home and relive our adventures.

You can also create personalized postcards or a photo book with your travel itineraries or why not the classic magnets. Find out here.

We relied on LALALAB a very convenient application to upload your photos and apply the filters that we like the most. Highly customizable with lettering and motifs for your most creative prints. Here you are ours.

But above all you can accumulate discounts and using the code MAPPANDO_INLOVE you will have an additional one.

2. Hippie style

We recently discovered KISMET brand that works with small artists and artisans selling their creations all over the world. You can find clothes of great character and home decor. We fall in love every time we enter their site. They have beautiful earrings, sheets, clothes and lights of all kinds. To go to the site click here.

Last time we took a round blanket for our afternoons at the beach with our puppy, here it is.

And do not forget to use our code MAPPANDOINLOVE.

3. Skins for your laptop

Case App is a Swedish brand that creates really cool laptop skins and smartphone covers. We discovered it on instagram and we fell in love with it. You can also create skins with your own photos or drawings.

We have for you a 20% discount on any order made before January 5, 2019 with the code MAPPANDO20. Find here all their designs.

4. Lens and filters

Photography enthusiasts can not miss this opportunity. Sandmarc is a brand that produces lenses for smartphones to allow you to raise the level of your shots to publish on instagram. Also for those who are fond of aerial photos and have a drone, you will find perfect polarizing and ND filters for all light conditions. They are small and practical but they really make the difference, here are some of our shots with the DJI Mavic Pro drone and the polarizing filter.

Click directly here to discover all their products and use the discount code MAPPANDO.

5.A romantic weekend 

We have discovered since we moved here to France WEEKENDESK.A French company that provides a truly exorbitant number of travel packages to be booked quickly and of real value. The destinations are all over Europe and beyond. With their gift card you can have your choice of the destination you prefer and the treatments included. We will leave just this weekend to celebrate my birthday in Aix en Provence and if you follow us on instagram you will discover the package we have chosen. Obviously super romantic and pet friendly.


Did you like our ideas for Christmas gifts?

We hope to have given you some ideas and let us know if you have ordered something with our discounts, we would be really happy! Good shopping!

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