Belfast and the Titanic myth

A city between two counties, a city marked by an event, a city to live and visit, a city to explore.
It is not just the myth of the Titanic that makes Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, unique, but it’s its history, the difficulties facing the crisis and the battles for the independence.
Belfast is located largely in the Antrim county until it flows into the Down county.

Titanic Belfast

Historically known as the power of linen and tobacco production, Belfast was also one of the capitals for shipbuilding.
It is impossible to go through this city and not visit the Titanic Belfast, an incredibly well-kept interactive museum that already captures you from its exterior.
An innovative construction, a shape that recalls 4 hulls of a ship to form a cross, an innovative architecture that contains the past and a poignant story.
The emotions you will experience at the museum are the result of a journey that begins with the industrial development of Belfast, passing interactively in the most recent history and drama experienced on the Titanic.
You will feel immersed in a vision of the city that has rejoiced but also suffered a lot due to the political and social violence that has marked its evolutionary path.
You will be fascinated by the Titanic, where even those traveling in third class were warm and could enjoy the luxury that this ship represented.
But you will be banned by the English honor enclosed in the phrase “first women and children” so that many lifeboats half empty were dropped into the sea.
We do not reveal more, a visit is really worth doing.

Belfast city

In the city you have to go through the famous murals of political and social criticism, a vivid story of the unrest between the Catholic and Protestant communities and why not, take one of the classic Black Taxi.
Once they were the only way of transport to get back home from the center, now they are a picturesque way to get to know the city. You will travel through a faithful and colorful story of Belfast’s history.
Another stop for us, lovers of markets, is the St George’s Market, with its colors and variety of cultures you will be accompanied by aromas and flavors from all over the world, a dream to our eyes.
If, like us, you can not resist the call of nature, then take a trip to the Cave Hill Country Park from which the view of Belfast is priceless, you can also discover the caves carved on the rock along the way.
Finally, you can not go to Belfast without tasting a good beer at the Duke of York, located in a cobbled street with a joyful atmosphere and bright colors, it will surprise you.


So what are you waiting for? Go for a weekend in Belfast and enjoy its magic and history.

We stayed at One Sussex Place, that weekend, to feel at home in the center of Belfast, so close to the major attractions.

An apartment with attention to details, design and a welcome with a bottle of wine to make us feel at home. That’s how we were welcomed, not just as guests, but with open arms as when inviting friends to spend the weekend with you. The apartment has a perfect location so that we manage to visit the most of Belfast in few days.

A weekend in Belfast: relax, history and culture.

And which type of travellers are you guys? More museum and history type or more adventurous travellers?

Adventurous travellers don’t miss the wonders of the causeway coast here.


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