Where to sleep in Ireland

The best campsites, B & B’s and hotels in Ireland (or better, those that we liked the most)

One of the most frequently asked questions is: “but where did you stay in Ireland during your 15-day roadtrip?”

Yes, let’s start from the beginning, for those who do not know us. We love adventures and new discoveries and our travels are mostly road trips with the right mix of adventure and relaxation.

The airport of arrival and departure was Dublin, the rest were a series of steps that would take us all the way around the island. But let’s get to the reason why we’re here, where did we sleep?

To give an idea to all types of holiday and to show that Ireland is well suited to many different styles of living, we decided to stay both in camping with our tent, both in B & B, and in hotels.

Our best choices among campsites

If your passion is adventures between nature and sleeping in the moonlight, in Ireland you can rest assured you will find cozy and almost always well supplied campsites.

The north and north-west of the country is the only one where you will not be able to have much choice but the few campgrounds available are truly magnificent.

Morricastle Holiday strand Park

Our first suggestion is located in Wexford, a campsite which, besides being well sheltered from the wind, is located in a strategic position: from a small slope you can reach a the longest unbroken beach of Europe. We took our gas stove and prepared a delicious soup watching the sunset.

morricastle strand

Wait until it gets dark because the magic of millions of stars will fascinate you. As in a movie we were lucky to have fun watching fireworks that were fired by 4 guys, coincidence that we were there, it was magnificent.

If you happen then to witness, like us, at a bizarre scene please write below in the comments: at midnight we saw an irish couple jumping into the icy sea naked, a scene that we will never forget, we returned to the tent laughing.


Top of the rock pod park and walking center

One of the most beautiful campsites we have camped in is certainly the top of the rock.

In addition to the warm and family welcome at this small campsite you will find magnificent Pods to stay in, it seems to have been catapulted into the world of Hobbits.

I recommend booking before because the Pods are really known there. We slept in tents and David brought us wood to warm us up a bit and welcomed us as if we were part of the family. In the morning a homemade fairytale breakfast with local products warmed our hearts.

Top of the rock: one Irish must.

Our beloved B&B

Seascape B&B

Located in County Cork, with a magical view of the pier you will find a cozy and cuddly B&B that will recharge your batteries and give you the right sprint to start your day.

A warm tea and a slice of homemade cake is the welcome on arrival, a relaxing evening stroll, a single choice of restaurant in which to eat in the evening and a bed that drags us into a deep sleep. The morning breakfast it’s a bomb of energy, the smell of pan cakes wrapped around the room. A menu full of delicacies awaits us. With a full belly and satisfied we started again to discover this magical island.


seascape b&b

Glass Island

Ballycastle, simple as name, it is impossible to miss the goal, but beware, there are two Ballycastle, one in Ireland in the south, and one, the one we are talking about, which is located in Northern Ireland. Provided that you are in the right place, you will be welcomed into a luxurious and super-cared  B&B: clean design and details will impress your view and the owners’ hospitality will make you feel at home.

Its location is super strategic and you can discover and visit the wonders of Northern Ireland (https://mappando.eu/ispirazioni-estive/)without having to do too much riding.

The irish breakfast will amaze you and you’ll have a lot of choice for what to eat.

b&b irlanda del nord

New, this B&B is minimal and of design with an atmosphere of sweet Irish perfumes. A B&B for those who want to be in pole position to visit the causeway coast.


One Sussex Place

Finally arrived in the teeming Belfast, after 13 days of wild and wonderful nature, we discovered this amazing structure. Giant, super-equipped apartments, a bottle of wine on the table will welcome you in the magic of Belfast.

Convenience, close to everything, is combined with a red brick building that will take you back to the years of titanic construction and will immerse you in a city marked by events and the recent past. Discover the history, visit the city and come on, let’s drink a nice pint.


Let’s move to the hotel world, we selected 2 for two different reasons

GN Mulranny park hotel

Located in County Mayo we were impressed with its location. Here you can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets we’ve ever seen, right in front of the hotel you will find a dark road, go through it quickly and you will be amazed.

Now shut your mouth, otherwise the flies come in, and walk along the quay, you will find yourself along a small wooden tongue surrounded by the sea and the woods. At sunset you will see a thousand of different colors mirroring the water around you. Everything will become pink.


It’s time to fly with the drone and watch everything from a different point of view.


Eccles Hotel

If the view was the main reason for the extraordinary nature of the previous hotel, now let’s move on to the two reasons why Eccles captured us. The first is the kayaking experience in Cork County, a must try, you will not regret it. The Eccles Hotel overlooks the bay from where you will leave for your kayak trip.(http://www.outdoorsireland.com/glengarriffkayaking.php)

The second reason why this hotel has caught our attention is the amazing food. We usually do not have dinner at the hotel, but this time too tired and cold we decided not to venture into the evening rain and stop to eat right here.

We still wonder today why they do not have a Michelin star. Most of the products come from the garden set up at the back of the hotel and the flavors and textures seem to be arranged on the plate as if to create a painting.

Simply amazing.

Back in our room, ready for the adventure to continue.


So what do you think of these accommodations in Ireland? We hope to have helped you in your search and do not hesitate to write to us if you have any doubts. A hug

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