Where to shoot the best photos in the lavander fields in Provence

Now that we live in Provence we cannot miss the annual appointment with lavender and since this is our second year here we want to advise you where to go to take the most beautiful photos of lavender fields right here in Provence. First of all, let’s start with the when.


The most beautiful shots are obtained just when lavender has reached the maximum of flowering, when the rows are all beautiful and pompous and give that 3D effect that can be seen in most of the shots. Obviously the period will vary slightly from year to year depending on the climate and the area you want to reach but in principle the first half of July is the best time. In mid-July, in fact, Valensole’s lavender fields are at their peak and everything culminates with the lavender festival that this year will take place on 21 July, if you want to discover its program specifically, here it is.


WHERE TO GO TO TAKE the best photos

The most famous and popular place of all is Valensole but the lavender fields are also found in numerous places in the department of Drôme such as Saou et Montbrun-les-Bains as well as in front of the famous Abbey of Sénanque, in this one however lavender now it’s dry and no longer at its maximum as in the previous years.

Valensole is the most popular as you will find lavender as far as the eye can see as well as the famous sunflower fields right next to it. To reach the most famous areas, just set the GPS on Plateau de Valensole and you will see the most photographed domes along the D8. The first you will encounter is the lavender field next to a yellow expanse of beautiful sunflowers, then the field where the famous little tree is among the rows, right next to the house with “Lavande” written on it. In both these places you will find right across the parking lot. Shortly after another small road turns to the left and plunges among other purple stretches, this is the area that is usually less targeted between the three and here you can stay a little more peaceful, finding your space to shoot and admire this fairy tale in purple .

Furthermore, if you walk along the road for a few hundred meters you will see the little house that stands out among the pompous rows, another ideal place to shoot. A tip that we still want to give you is to continue to search through the streets of the area and discover other fields, it will be an easy treasure hunt but it will reveal great wonders.

The times in which you will find the ideal light are the hour before sunset and a few minutes later, as well as dawn of course. We also wanted to stop for the night to observe and photograph the stars and it was an incredible experience given the little light pollution in the area. Finally we show you some of the shots we took after 400km and 5 hours of shots and wonder. Follow us on instagram if you want to see our before after: @mappando_inlove.


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