You’re on the couch thinking what to do and you’re bored, but you’re tired and do not want to get up because you’ve had a week of those not recommendable.

Here you find what you need to do.

First of all get up from the sofa! You have to distract the mind, that’s exactly what you need. So follow your passions and leave for one day cityscape. Go on, dream and take pictures!

We want to inspire you with some of the cities that we like the most, that will make you come home enriched.

Here are our day trips.

26 Jan: Venice what to see: 10 places to visit absolutely

If you are preparing for a weekend at the beautiful Venice but you do not know what to privilege here we advise you about what you cannot absolutely miss.

07 Feb: Verona in love: the perfect Valentine’s Day

Speaking of love and Valentine’s Day there are many places that compete for the city lovers’ prize but only Verona can create the right atmosphere turning into the cradle of love.

If instead you can cut out a few days for yourself, check here where you can spend your weekends around Europe.

We have created a page for your summer inspirations and you can discover our favorite cities and the best European destinations by clicking below.

Weekend in Europe

Summer inspiration

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