Guinness storehouse: the home of Irish beer

This time the team Mappando has been delighted by the magical Irish beer: the historic Guinness.

Now known all over the world, Guinness has not only created its brand, but has managed to become a symbol in the beers field.

Our passion for beer tasting guided us to taste and visit the most famous Irish brewery with dark malt. Giulia is a fan of the stout and this was a forced stop on our journey.

The brewery

The brewery has a very special story as it was leased to Arthur Guinness in 1759 for 45£ per year for 9,000 years and since 2000 the storehouse has become a must for beer lovers.

The building is located in the heart of The Liberties and consists of 7 floors that will guide you interactively to the discovery of this black gold. You will discover the main ingredients to make the perfect Guinness, the toasting temperature of the malt and the modes of transport used until today.

You will also discover how the advertising world has been a vehicle to spread the Guinness brand all over the world and you will be tempted by different tastings. But be careful not to fall into temptation, wait for the Gravity bar on the top floor, sipping your pint of beer (included in the ticket) with the city view is an experience that will make you appreciate even more the visit to the ” beer house “.

Go to Dublin

If you have never tasted a Guinness then do it immediately because you will immerse yourself in hints of coffee and smoked malt with small bubbles that make this beer really drinkable.

If you’ve never been to Ireland and love beer it’s time to take a plane, because the taste changes in relation to transport and, therefore, to taste the true Guinness you have to go there.

The look of Giulia when she first tasted a pint in Ireland is a memory that I will always keep in mind, the dreamy eyes being guided by the taste buds and the grip on the pint of those who will not let go of the mug until the beer is finished.

So guys a Guinness stroll is an obligation for all beer lovers.

And what beer do you like the most?

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