Nice carnival: when to go

The Nice carnival is the third largest in the world after that of Rio and Venice and guys, I tell you already, it really deserves.

It is not just a parade of floats but a real show that entertains and makes you want to move and sing. The preparation of the event lasts almost a whole year and a shed in the area of ​​Riquier is used to create these huge characters treated in detail.

But let’s get to the program and in detail to what happens in 2019.

The shows

The shows are mainly two: the carnival parade of lights and the flower parade.

The carnival parade of lights always starts at 9 pm and lasts about two and a half hours. The carts that parade are mammoth and really impressive, the lights illuminate the whole Place Masséna and the confetti fill the sky.

Thousands of dancers animate the show and the stands, involving the public to the rhythm of music.

The variety of the songs is not the strong point but they are all really on the theme of Nice and Carnival and they will make you get up from your chair and dance, and you will find yourself singing them for the following days in the streets of Nice in undertone.

The battle of flowers, instead, takes place at half past two, it is a true floral-themed parade where models on wagons throw up to 100,000 flowers to the public. An experience certainly to be tried even if someone, like me, suffers from pollen allergy perhaps it will remain less enthusiastic.

The theme of this year 2019 is the King of cinema and even if you will not be able to attend one of the two shows that take place several times between mid-February and early March, you will see in Place Masséna during the whole period of the carnival the king and the queen of cinema soar on the blue sky of Nice.

Then there are two other unique events: one on February 24th which will be the Carnevalesque Course – Parada Nissarda, always in Place Masséna at 2:30 pm and, always on the same day at 7pm, the first gay carnival in France will take place: the Lou Queernaval.

So if you are in Provence between February 16 and March 2, buy tickets and attend at least one of the two shows organized, now we tell you our experience and what we suggest you.

Practical advice

Here our practical advices and some suggestions based on our experience at the Nice Carnival.

When to go?

Absolutely the first shows and the last are the most evocative. We participated in the first evening: February 16th and it was magnificent, the party atmosphere, the tension and the initial adrenaline made themselves felt up to the stands and the entertainment we assure you, not lacking.

The last evening, however, will take place on Saturday, March 2, during which the chariot of the king of the cinema will be burned in the square.


Given the turnout at the event we advise you to book a few weeks in advance if you want the seats in the stands, the price is 26 € per person.

The standing place instead costs € 12 in zone A (the most central) or € 5 in zone B. You can find all the info and tickets here.


We watched the evening show sitting in the stands. We chose the J.Jaurés staircase at the entrance E4, never choice was more apt, you will see the heart of the parade right in front of you and in the background the beautiful illuminated wheel.

Council n ° 3: ARRIVE an HOUR IN ADVANCE

An hour, 40 minutes before you should find yourself already on the coulée verte from where you enter the area A (if this is the area you have booked).

The queue is long cause there are checks on the metal detector and you can not absolutely miss the beginning.


If you choose the evening show and decide to sit in the stands know that around 10pm the cool will start to be felt especially at the ankles, equip yourself with socks or covers.


Given the beauty of the carts and the atmosphere you will continue to take pictures and videos so, dispassionate advice, be prepared to have sufficient charge for the all two / three hours of the show. For shares use #niceislove #nicecarnaval.

If you want to see some videos of the Nice Carnival follow us on instagram: @mappando_inlove, you will find them among the featured stories.

We hope to see you in Nice in the next days to attend one of the most beautiful carnivals I’ve ever seen.

A hug

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