Paris instaguide

Instagram is the social network used by over 600 million people in the world and personally I find it a very powerful tool to express ourselves and show our art.

And so here during my Parisian getaway I decided to collect the most impactful places for your photos to be posted imitating the great instagrammers. But I recommend you to always give your personal touch.

Then we start our Parisian tour with the camera or the cell phone ready.

Le mur des je t’aime

The first stage of our instaguide can only be the district of Montmartre where art is the queen. Stop at the wall of love, it will not be easy to get in pole position to take your best selfie, but if you prefer to immortalize its beauty by making the protagonist, just simply happen in a gloomy day and Voilà.

For a little inspiration take a look at this shot of @globe_trotter, a great choice the red hat and beautiful framing.

The crooked house

But a funny and unexpected pic is what you can take climbing the stairs to get to the Sacré-Coeur: the joke of the crooked house, you’ll see it right from the last stairs on your right and here’s what will come out.

This is the incredible shot of @storyofscage, at the twilight with an atmosphere between romantic and horror, he knows how to communicate.

The maison rose

The sweetness of the maison rose is to be immortalized at least with a shot, on instagram you can find a lot of photos of this little house, here’s one that makes you go back in time.

Unique Montmartre

Once in front of the Sacré Coeur, turn left and follow the road along the railing, just before going up, if you look out you will see a breathtaking corner of Paris, absolutely to be immortalized.

Pont Alexandre III

But if you want to capture the Eiffel Tower in an even more breathtaking setting then you can not miss the sunset at the Pont Alexandre III, where you will find just married couples to queue for their shooting.

Rue Montessuy

If you are walking through the streets of Paris, rue Montessuy will amaze you by showing an impotent and unexpected Eiffel Tower to your eyes. So be careful to make the most of this fantastic vision and here you can find the inspiration of @parisexplorer.

Rue Cremieux

If pastel colors are your thing, you can not avoid visiting the houses of rue Cremieux. And here’s the shot made by the most colorful and smiling family of all time.

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One of the most visited museums in the world, the Louvre architecturally attracts the creativity of photographers and instagrammers who visit the city and then permit to exploit the reflections and its angular geometries.

Les jardins des Tuileries

The Tuileries gardens in autumn is a vision you can’t miss, the thousand facets that Paris can unveil are incredible.

Galeries Lafayette

At the end of your trip, enjoy the view from Galeries Lafayette, in a rosy sunset among the Parisian rooftops.

Did you like our instaguide to find the most suggestive places in Paris through some of the most beautiful instagram photos?

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