Summer inspiration

These are our summer inspirations: the trips we have made together in the last few summers and which we absolutely recommend you. Ready to discover new destinations for your next summer vacation?

Discovering Ireland

A 14-day road trip to discover the wonders of this green island. Starting from Dublin reaching Belfast.

This is Northern Ireland through our eyes.

05 Oct: The wonders of Northern Ireland

Irlanda del nord:  un pease dentro al paese, una landa da scoprire, 5 posti da ammirare e km da macinare.

11 Oct: The wonders of Northern Ireland in the game of thrones

Northern Ireland: a country in the country, a land to be discovered, 5 places to admire and miles to ride. Part 2 the Dark Hedges, the Mussenden Temple and the Dunluce Castle.

18 Oct: Belfast and the Titanic myth

It is not just the myth of the Titanic that makes Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, unique, but it is its history, the difficulties facing the crisis and the battles for independence.

Sweden 5-day itinerary on the road

Discovering the south-central Swedish between lakes, forests and elks with a flamboyant Renault Clio on a 5-day tour. But before you see our travel diary, here are some tips to read before you leave.

31 Aug: Travel to Sweden: 10 things to know before departure

After having told you in detail our road trip in Sweden here are the 10 things to know before leaving for Sweden, not to be missed.

01 Aug: Sweden road trip starting from Malmo

Departure from Malmo, a good breakfast and we left to discover Sweden.
STAGES: Helsingborg, Molle, Varberg.

12 Aug: Smogen the city of colors and the paradise of Koster islands

Sweden road trip: Smögen-Vassbotten. On the morning of the second day we wake up early, ready for a second rich day.

16 Aug: Sweden on the road between national parks

From the Bullarebygdens Family Camping we head for Ed, on Lake Stora Le, for our road trip in Sweden from Vassbotten to Bengtsfors.

18 Aug: Sweden between elks and canoe

Sweden road trip: Bengtsfors-Vänersborg. For our fourth day we headed to the largest lake in the area: the Vanern and we discovered the elk world with a night safari.

21 Aug: Sweden and the lively Gothenburg

Sweden road trip: Vänersborg-Gothenburg, passing through the Halle and Hunneberg plateau in search of elk.

Discovering the Azores Islands

We visited the island of São Miguel and the smallest Santa Maria, only 2 of the 7 precious islands until now. Ready to start their discovery?

21 Sep: The Azores Islands: what you can’t miss in São Miguel

The Azores Islands: what not to be missed in São Miguel and how to get to know them better. A journey through these islands of volcanic origin.

24 Oct: The Azores Islands: the fairy tale of Santa Maria

After having told you of the enchanted places of Saõ Miguel you could not miss our fairy tale lived in Santa Maria, island where Christopher Columbus stopped on his return from America.

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