Kayaking in Ireland

Kayaking in Ireland is an unforgettable experience. We have discovered small coves unknown to the most being surrounded by curious seals.

But let’s go in order.

The adventure among the seals

07.00 am the team Mappando gets up and with the usual speed of a sloth reaches the Irish town of Glengariff, goal? Kayaking and looking for seals in the icy waters of the Atlantic.

Upon our arrival Nathan welcomed us with Irish warmth, which may seem like a paradox, but in reality it is not. The Irish are really kind and welcoming and above all curious people.

Once started to kayak, he guided us in search of the seals, stopping from time to time to tell ancient legends. Our baggage of myths has been enriched with stories of witches who inhabited the island and that in exchange for food took care of the villagers, of berries with magical powers and castles inhabited by ancient presences.

But to get back to the real world, he let us taste some seaweed with very good dark chocolate and he offered us smoked tea, we felt like Bear Grylls at the adventure.

Nathan was great, he even told us how the ice in the cocktails was once really brought from the glaciers of northern Europe and how the transport made the ice a luxury good.

In the end we really saw the seals a few meters away from us coming out of the water with their curious eyes. Probably our skills in kayaking did not give much serenity to these funny animals, which, however, have leaned the muzzle out of the water to check and snort when we arrive.

kayak in Irlanda

It was truly an unforgettable experience that you absolutely must try to feel immersed in nature and discover small places that would not otherwise been reached. With the water that remains on the edge of your little boat you really feel transported by the currents and you live the moment with bated breath, because every corner is an emotion.

The fabulous dinner

In the evening, after having changed and refused to dive into the Atlantic Ocean with Nathan, too cold for our bodies accustomed to the ‘glacial’ temperatures of the Côte d’Azur, we were lulled by the senses dinner at the Eccles Hotel.

The dinner that was proposed was a nine-course path that has entranced the palate and transported to a place where flavors and smells are bound to create the perfect mix.

macro 14 mm

He guided us with his imagination in flowery fields, harbours full of fresh fish and vegetable gardens where genuine products grow naturally, just like that of the Eccles Hotel.

Eddie really knew how to enrapture our sight and our taste.

This was an intense and exciting day: a mandatory stop in Glengariff with an exclusive dinner to feel special.

Then? Have we convinced you to venture into the magical Ireland?

Continue our adventures by discovering the wonders of Northern Ireland, right here.

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