The Azores Islands: what you can’t miss in São Miguel

Are you ready to find out what you should not miss if you go to the island of São Miguel, Azores? Well, let’s first get to know them a little bit.

The Azores Islands are a tropical European paradise that many still do not know. We set out to discover them for the first time in July 2015, the first summer in which Ryanair had set up the new routes: Porto-Ponta Delgada, Ponta Delgada-Lisbon.

The arcipelago

The archipelago of the Azorean islands is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Portugal. From these islands it is possible to reach the United States in about 4 hours of flight, which is why many American families have their roots here.

If you do not like spending hours and hours on the plane but still want to enjoy the climate and the tropical flora, the azores are just what you are looking for. The archipelago is made up of 7 islands: São Miguel, the largest, Santa Maria, Flores, Corvo, Graciosa, Terceira, São Jorge, Pico and Faial. Their volcanic origin is one of the reasons why the landscapes are characterized by contrasts and breathtaking views. You will see springs bubbling, turquoise waters among green forests and black cliffs plunging into the blue sea.

Le Isole Azzorre: cosa non perdere a São Miguel

The proximity to the Gulf Stream makes the climate particularly mild for the northern area where the archipelago is located. In fact, you will find exotic plants developing and growing in all the islands. The flora is abundant and vary: from the forests teeming with plants from the Americas and from Asia to tropical flowers and the numerous colored hydrangeas that stain the green of the landscapes with their intense blue.

What you can’t miss in São Miguel

Our tour, designed to visit these fascinating islands, started from the city of Porto, where we stayed for three days and from which we reached the first island: São Miguel.

We have relied on the best guide available on the Azores in 2015: of Dumont, pocket-sized traveling: “Azores” written by Susanne Lipps. And here’s what you can not miss in this fascinating island:

1. Caldeira das Sete Cidades 

It is the most impressive caldera of the azores with the lakes: Lagoa Azul (blue lake) and Lagoa Verde (green lake), by the colors of their waters, are connected to each other to form an eight. There are numerous Miradouros from which to admire the colors, but given the thick fog that is often there, even a walk along their shores is worth making.

Lago Verde, Sao Miguel

2. Furnas: Lagoa das Furnas

In Furnas the water flows from the volcanic rocks of the subsoil. There are 22 springs of thermal water ranging from very high temperatures, suitable for cooking food as the typical cozido, until you reach the ideal temperature for a bath. Around the lake (Lagoa das Furnas) you can take a nice walk going in search of the natural pools of thermal water and take the paths that climb through the thick woods to discover hidden places.

Luoghi nascosti tra i boschi di Furnas

3. Furnas: Poça da Dona Beija

This is one of the cheaper places where you can find thermal pools, 2 euros each. It is not very well known and is therefore much less crowded than other structures. There are a series of pools connected to each other, all outdoors, filled with water that naturally flows from the main waterfall.

Poça da Dona Beija

4. Terra Nostra Gardens

A large botanical garden where the largest thermal water pool in Europe is located. The water of this pool in particular owes its intense red-brown color to the rich content of iron oxides that will also color your towels a little, but do not worry with a wash everything will go away.

5. Caldeira Velha

At 5 km south of Ribeira Grande, you’ll be amazed, one of the must-see places. A waterfall, immersed in the forest, flows into a rock pool with a pleasant temperature. You can swim and enter among the rich tropical flora, nearby other small excursions depart. one of which leads to a high waterfall, hidden among the rocks.

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6. Chà Porto Formoso

Here the only tea of ​​Europe is produced. You can visit the company where you will discover its history, you will see the cultivation and the processes that follow the production and finally you can taste a cup in peace. The place also deserves to be visited in order to take some pictures of the green cultivations that extend along the hills to the sea.

 Chà Porto Formoso

7.Termas de Ferraria

This place is along the west coast, is a place to stop not necessarily to enter, but to see the landscape that surrounds it. If until now you have not seen the dark rock that characterizes the volcanic area here you will see how it dives to meet the clear blue of the Atlantic Ocean waters and you will see at your side the mountain of dark pebbles that roll towards the blue.

Termas de Ferraria

8. Ponta Delgada

Go for a walk in the capital from where you can leave for an excursion to discover the dolphins and whales that are only a few kilometers from the coast. During our trip in the middle of the sea we saw for the first time the dolphins, a herd played to chase our dinghy, and two specimens of whale, fascinating in their majesty.

Delfini a Ponta Delgada

After visiting the wonders of São Miguel we headed to the small island of Santa Maria, an island that we carry in our heart, if you are curious to find out what fascinated us, read the next post.

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Grazie per il post, é un pezzetto che merito un giro da quelle parti… Magari si organizza per carnevale, i festeggiamenti dovrebbero essere abbastanza spettacolari da quelle parti!

Direi di sì! Noi non vediamo l’ora di tornarci e visitare le altre 5 isole, anche la primavera potrebbe essere un ottimo periodo date le fioriture.

Insomma, clima tropicale+origine vulcanica: per me sarebbero uno spasso! Purtroppo il futuro sposo non mi sembra tanto attratto 🙁

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Le Azzorre sono uno dei viaggi nella top 3 della mia lista di viaggi da sogno! Con le vostre foto mi avete fatto venire ancora più voglia di partire

Prima o poi ci andrò, bellissime le Azzorre!

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