The wonders of Northern Ireland in the game of thrones

The wonders of Northern Ireland: 5 places to discover and a B & B to rest part 2

Northern Ireland: a country in the country, a land to be discovered, 5 places to admire and miles to ride.

Part 1 The Giant’s Causeway, the carrick to the rede rope bridge.

Part 2 the Dark Hedges, the Mussenden Temple and the Dunluce Castle.

Part 2

06:00 am no one moves in the cosy Glassisland, the b&b that hosted us for our adventures.

We descend the stairs, the steps creak under our feet but we sneak out quickly. We open the door and the morning humidity wakes us up suddenly, the cheeks turn red, Giulia takes my hand and asks me to hurry, the dawn is rising and the dark hedges are a few minutes from us.

His hand caresses my callused hands and it is there that I find the warmth and the strength to leave, we bring everything in the car and we head towards the dark hedges.

A look at the b&b behind us, where we will return for breakfast.

The dark hedges

We reach this tree-lined street at 06.45 am and the sun has just begun to light the branches of the trees with its golden light. We park the car at the entrance of the street, there is no one yet, we are the only ones to enjoy this morning magic.

A few shots stolen, a ride with the drone but above all we admire the golden rain that breaks on the leaves, it’s fantastic.

dark hedges

The dark hedges are one of the many places in Ireland where the famous Game of Thrones was filmed, this street is in fact the king’s road. You will quickly realize how impressive this place is, I dare not think on a full moon night. I think it’s a chilling show.

These beech trees really seem to suck the road and create a truly unique view.

Mussenden Temple

It is called the temple overlooking the Atlantic as it is perched on the rock overlooking the sea.

It has been recently renovated for safety, in fact the erosion of the wind and the weather had brought more and more to the edge this ancient monument.

Arriving at the temple is a truly relaxing walk, passing in fact through an immense meadow in the center of which stands the ruins of an old castle.

Continuing to the edge of the mainland you will have fun watching the different points of light of the temple and the reflections of the morning sun.

The view of the eighteenth-century temple today offers a breathtaking view of the ocean. In the TV series the Game of Thrones, it is called “the dragon rock” when Stannis Baratheon burns the giant statues of the seven gods.

Dunluce Castle

This castle dates back to the years 1400-1500, discovered in the excavations that had the goal of discovering the ancient city of Dunluce.

The castle overlooking the ocean also has an ancestral charm and restless in its majesty.

The ancient ruins illuminated by a warm orange light draw shadows that bring us back to centuries ago, when small communities lived in almost inaccessible places.

dunluce castle

Once again we talk about the game of thrones: the castle is the stronghold of Pyke and from which Theo comes. From here the Greyjoy house dominates the iron islands.

Lovers of the famous TV series or lovers of beautiful landscapes, you will understand that Northern Ireland is full of little gems to discover.

And you, did you know all these enchanted places?

Discover Belfast here, between culture, history and relax.

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