The wonders of Northern Ireland

The wonders of Northern Ireland: 5 places to discover and a B & B to rest

Part 1

Northern Ireland: a country, a land to be discovered, 5 places to admire and miles to collect.

Part 1: The Giant’s Causeway and the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

Part 2: The Dark Hedges, the Mussenden Temple and the Dunluce Castle.

08.00 am the team Mappando gets up but this time, there is relaxation in the air, we feel at home, the warmth of the blankets tempts us to stay another little bit to sleep.

We descend the stairs and already hear the crackling bacon and the scent of freshly baked pancakes. Sharon welcomed us sweetly into her home.

Staying at Glassisland was the ideal choice: a tasty and abundant irish breakfast and nice suggestions to discover the surroundings.

We chose this brand new B&B to be able to explore the causeway coast easily: all our destinations were at most 20/30 minutes from the cottage and relaxation and hospitality were the words of the those days.

Then ready and go!

The giant’s causeway

The magnificence told in a fairy tale.

We advise you to take the audio guides, you will discover the legend of the giant Finn McCool who has populated these lands and his adventures and misadventures with the Scottish neighbours.

Your visit will be filled with magic and will transport you to the world of the GGG.

According to the legend, what you will see is exactly part of the pavement built by our giant friend but we reveal nothing else, we do not want to ruin you the surprise.

Legends aside, the giant’s causeway is a path of hundreds of thousands of stones in the shape of a parallelepiped, some low and chubby, others reaching a few meters high but the magic for the eyes is given by the waves crashing on these boulders smoothing the surface and giving a Tetris style scenario, which seems to have been created specifically to enthrall the view. Or maybe to create a path to reach Scotland (we are tireless dreamers of legends).

Continuing you will reach numerous view points from which to observe the jagged coastline, an ecstasy for our photographic dinner.

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

For a moment, do you want to make your heart beat faster and go on an uninhabited island with a breathtaking view of the ocean?

This is the perfect place: a rickety rope bridge suspended in nothingness, a look on the cliff and a hand on the rope because, yes, the legs tremble a little more than usual.

The experience is fabulous and the view then it will be worth it, the peace and tranquility to sit on a lawn a little curved overlooking the ocean to breathe fresh air thinking and digressing with thoughts.

A sandwich, a good chat and this is enough for us to make a special place.

Originally this bridge was the passage for the fishermen who reached the islet to return home with some magnificent freshly caught salmon.

You have understood by now, if you love to dream, Ireland will lend itself to this game, every place or small path is a corner of paradise on which legends and fantastic stories have been told. Some with a background of truth, others with a commercial purpose only, but in the end it does not matter, return children for a moment and let yourself be lulled by the sea that breaks on the coast is the best gift that this holiday has given us.

And do you love travelling with the imagination?

Continue to chapter 2 of the wonders of northern ireland here.

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Scenari incantevoli e pure a me piace far viaggiare la fantasia e immaginare storie sui luoghi che visito. Per fortuna questi posti, come sembra dal tuo racconto, non sono ancora troppo invasi dai turisti e si possono ammirare con tranquillità.

Sì esatto Stefania, nonostante ci sia parecchia gente che li visita nel mese di agosto ci si riesce comunque a ritagliare il proprio spazio per poterne assaporare ogni angolo e leggenda. L’Irlanda ci ha davvero affascinati e la Causeway coast é una tappa obbligata, davvero magica!

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