The best breweries in Barcelona

Dear travelers,

if you have clicked on this section I think you are a beer lover like me or you might be searching for a place where leave your mate and steal him his credit card in order to go shopping.

In both cases you are in the right place!


Giulia and I have decided to make a stop in the crazy Barcelona, planning the trip in its details.

There was only one outstanding detail left: THE BEER.

I’ve searched a lot and I’ve found that there are so many breweries in Barcelona, a lot of them are artisanal and with a wonderful design.

So, for professional ethics, I had to find the breweries and get an idea of ​​how they really are: first from the environment and the people and then for the best beers.

No, I do not study anthropology or better human ethology, but I love looking at the people and trying to understand something about the context in which they are.

At the end  we have drawn up a list of the 3 top breweries that we think deserve at least a look from outside, or if you are thristy then get closer, if you are hungry then sit down and order something.

Bier Cab

Brewery with a strong innovative character: it has a modern setting with a ceiling that looks like a bird’s nest thanks to the interweaving of wooden sticks. The food is traditional but reinvented in a modern way, such as a cubist version of patatas bravas.

Bier cab

The beers .. 30 draft beers .. yes guys, 30 beers. It isn’t hard to find your favourite beer.

You will find 4 large screens that will show you and guide you in the choice of beers.

beer lovers

Score: 5/5

CocoVail Beer Hall

Brewery with a strong conservative character: the wood in the breweries drives me crazy. Here the main colour is the brown. Even the logo stands out on a darker vintage wooden board. The food is generous and classic, perfect for a brewery.

The are 24 draft beers and this makes easy to find the right taste for you.

Like the classic brewery’s style the beers are written with coloured chalk on the blackboard.

Le migliori 3 birrerie di Barcellona

Score: 5

Fabrica Moritz

It is an ex beer factory. Here you can taste the beers at zero km, I would say almost zero meter. The environment is great and you will loose yourself in the house of beer: the lines are very clean and recall the steel barrels used for the fermentation of beer. Their beers are really interesting and particular.

If you go there in the morning you can taste the one-michelin-starred breakfast make by chef Jordi Vilà.

Birrando Barcellona


Out of our top 3 there are other two great breweries:

  • The Abirradero: in addition to its 40 craft beers they have the menù for who can’t eat the gluten: there is the menù and beers for celiacs.
  • The American Brewery Edge Brewing Barcelona organizes many tasting events and once a week there is the opening of the tap room with tour and explanation of the brewing process.

I tried to convince you it isn’t of course a simple choice but a beer in Barcelona is a must!

If you want to take a look to our Barcelona mini guide click here.


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