The surroundings of Geneva, walking between France and Switzerland

Mont Salève

Luoghi incantati nei dintorni di Ginevra


Ready to discover the enchanted places around Geneva?

As I told you earlier in the previous article, Geneva has remained in my heart, not only because I have lived there for a year of my life and for the wonderful people I have met but also because there is no risk of getting bored among mountains, lake and breathtaking views .

One of the closest and most emblematic places in Geneva (besides the lake of course) is Mount Salève. It stands a few kilometers from the city center and its slopes are easily reached by bus. Like almost all the surroundings of Geneva, this is no longer Swiss territory, it crosses the French border.

From the bus stop in just five minutes walk you reach the entrance of the path that climbs through the woods until you come out in the square of a small mountain village where you can stop for a short restorative break. But do not be discouraged and continue along the path that rises higher and higher on your right. I promise you will not regret it, you will arrive at the cableway from where a breathtaking view of the lake will leave you speechless. There you can eat a nice sandwich with a view and if any strength is still there, continuing for 10 minutes you will also see the summit of the Giant Mont Blanc. For the descent, finally, do not fear; with the cable car you will return directly to the valley a few kilometers from the bus stop.


Moving away a little further but still remaining in the Swiss territory you can reach the town of Nyon, along the lake with direction to Lausanne. This town is small but really cuddle. Enter the castle and enjoy the spectacular view of the lake, if the sky is clear you will be able to see the boundaries of the lake and the many boats to sail the waters.


Another town that really deserves a visit, this time on the French territory is precisely Annecy, a city also on the lake and with the mountains behind it. It can be reached from Geneva by bus with only an hour ride. If you do not know it by name, for sure you will have already seen at least one photo. Do not miss the neighborhood of the Vieille ville, where you can make beautiful shots and stroll along the lake. If you’re never tired of panoramic views, hop on the Terrasses du lac and enjoy a nice dessert. Finally, stop by La cure gourmande to taste some delicious French cookies, a perfect souvenir for food lovers like us!


Go until you reach the opposite extreme of Lake Léman, beyond Montreux, a beautiful city too, you will reach the town with castles: Sion. In addition to the city itself that offers beautiful views from the walls, with a medieval flavor, if you continue towards the mountains you can enjoy even more breathtaking views. The newly renovated suspension bridge as well as being a perfect location for suggestive photos is also a walk not to be missed, although those who suffer from vertigo will have to overcome a major obstacle, but it will be worth it.


The last destination I recommend you, in the French territory, is located a few kilometers from the Italian border. Chamonix Mont Blanc is a rather well-known and quite expensive mountain village but with a day trip you can still enjoy what it has to offer. We rented a car through Ouicar and we arrived early in Chamonix.

Right from the city, in front of a large parking lot it is possible to take a path that does not seem to entice most tourists because of the steep initial climb, but then it leaves space to the bush and gentle climbs to the top that will leave you speechless. You will see the ice tongue of Mont Blanc and its snow-covered peaks. A view that will be worth all hours of walking. If you are with children or you are not used to walking in the mountains you can reach this amazing place by cable car.

The happy ending

Finally, back in Geneva, if you are planning to go there in August you can not miss the city party: la fête de Genève (in 2018 2-12 August)

The shores of the lake are filled with cafes and stalls where you can enjoy food from around the world, dancing and entertainment evenings do not miss until the last evening with beautiful fireworks lasting an hour, which will keep your eyes up.

I must admit that I have never seen such fireworks, until the final with the Jet d’eau in the background of a thousand shades of color .. ah how many memories! If you are willing to go and see them from the shores of the lake do not be taken aback, people come to grab a place since the afternoon hours.

I hope to have convinced you that in addition to the attractions that Geneva can offer there are many other activities to undertake in its surroundings. In a week spent there will still be a lot of enchanted places to discover, believe me!

If you want to discover Geneva during the Christmas period, go immediately to discover the markets by clicking here.

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La Svizzera ha un sacco di bei posti da vedere..chissà perché è sempre poco considerata! Ottimi spunti!

Grazie mille Silvia, a noi ha rubato il cuore!

Che articolo interessante! Seppur così vicino, il territorio svizzero non lo conosco affatto e mi piacerebbe invece rimediare. Terrò a mente i tuoi consigli per quando mi deciderò ad esplorare la zona!

Grazie Lara, secondo noi merita davvero, é piena di risorse 🙂

Mi hanno detto che Ginevra fosse bella, ma non immaginavo anche la sua periferia lo fosse così tanto!

Sì davvero lo é, una visita la merita per forza. Noi ne sentiamo la mancanza 🙂

Ho deciso che la prossima primavera voglio andare a scoprire questi magnifici luoghi a cavallo tra Francia e Svizzera! Conosco come le mie tasche le montagne del nord-est del nostro paese, ma ancora per nulla queste..Bisogna rimediare!

Direi di sì Vale, noi ne siamo rimasti piacevolmente stupiti e proprio ora stiamo programmando di ritornarci, ne sentiamo proprio la mancanza.

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