Organizing a road trip in Ireland

Organize a 2-week trip to Ireland: mission impossible or almost.

A new challenge for the ‘team Mappando’, organizing in less than a month an unusual roadtrip in the beautiful Ireland.

We are now landing in the island where it rains so much that even abroad they try to give her some nice nicknames: L’île vert (green island) so they call Ireland in the French crosswords.

The crazy idea

First thing you will be wondering is why are we embarking in the direction of the land where the fog, the wind and the cold are daily present?

First of all, 3 basic reasons, flights from Nice are cheap, in August it’s too hot and then driving in the wrong direction seems to be so useful.

It all started one summer afternoon with about 40 degrees minimum, we decided we want to change the air and leave for this fresh adventure.

How to organize the trip

Our bible is always the lonely planet, at which now ask to do a collaboration is almost useless because with Giulia we usually come out of a library with 3 lonely planet guides of other countries, in addition to the one we will visit.

In any case, from these guides we usually find the right inspiration, and armed with phone and pc we read and watched all the places recommended by the guide and also most of the links attached to the photos of Google images.

Mission impossible?

The only difficult thing about Ireland, or rather, is organizing Ireland with Giulia: being able to move to another county in a short time it’s so difficult, because really guys there are so many things to see. Not to mention the thousand tours to see whales, dolphins, seals but I recommend, not sharks because otherwise you get scared.

So it is an almost impossible challenge to be able to see everything in 2 weeks.

So armed with phone, pc, lonely planet and a lot of patience and courage play to choose and then delete some places to see, including tears and quarrels, no I’m exaggerating!

Sleeping, eating and..

Our road trip in the wrong direction will start with a couple of nights in Dublin and then we would like to go around Ireland and Northern Ireland too to discover this wonderful island.

“Desolate lands and melancholy places”, I quote the lonely planet because if she had not noticed it, she never wrote that a joyful and cheerful place could be found.

Seriously these are the desolation and solitude we are looking for, because the spectacular nature of the green island is that and beyond.

So we decided to stop in the various campsites with our tent Quechua, we will decide later where to stop based on the campings we will see along the way.

Fill the suitcase

Maybe fill seems almost ordered as a title, are more likely to cram, crumple and put in any way as much stuff as possible in a suitcase. So yes we decided to take 2 hand luggage and 1 luggage for 2 weeks with all the equipment for the tent and for the photos / video. Result: a good selection at the entrance of the clothing, only the necessary, many spare socks, thermal jerseys, the bare minimum of sweaters and a whole evening to play tetris, with Kevin starting to go crazy for the lack of order in this procedure.

In the end everything is crammed, and we are ready, our roadtrip in the wrong direction can begin.

We have prepared ourselves in all the free moments at our disposal, including photo shoots, post-production techniques, video techniques, candlelit evenings, torchlight, annoying lamp or very pretty lamp suffused, in the morning, at lunch or at sunset , on the beach and in the mountains. Now we have really seen in photos so much of Ireland that we want to tell you all this from our point of view, through our words and our impressions.

Want to know what equipment we will bring with us and what are our allied apps? Follow us in our next article, you find it here.

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