Sweden road trip starting from Malmo

Here our tour from Malmo to Varberg

Leaving from Malmö.

After having rent a sparkling red Renault Clio through Rentalcars site, we had a big breakfast and we left Malmo to begin the discovery of Sweden.


We knew that the first day we should have driven for a long way to realise the tour we have planned so we left for Helsingborg. You need to know that in Sweden don’t exist highways to be paid but there are big streets free of charge in which the speed limit is quite high. Moreover you should not worry about traffic, only near big cities, such as Gothenburg, you will find some.

Our first stop was the outdoor museum and gardens Fredriksdal, just next to Helsingborg. Walking by the roses and around the the old village rebuilt, you can see the local flora and fauna. Even if these weeks were the most suitable to visit Sweden, there were not many tourists and we had the chance to enjoy the visit in tranquility. After the tour, we ate at the park in front of the museum our super tasty salad, made at the supermarket. In every local market it’s possible to compose its own salad with fresh ingredients, I certainly recommend you to do that.


And back to the car, we drove towards Mölle, a village next to the homonym peninsula, where the swedish spend the summer. When we arrived at the harbour we started to take pictures, being inspired by the melancholic weather.

Walking by the sea you will see houses of interesting shapes: seeming boats ready to sail, perched castles and more simple little cubes with a colourful roof. Unfortunately we didn’t explore the near peninsula, for the luck of time, but after a regenerating coffee we left for Varberg.


In the afternoon we arrived at the city and we get immediately towards the castle by the beach. The walls high and strong are built over the smooth sand. Children play by the sea and prepare for kayaking, a situation we didn’t imagine to see with 15-20°C. The atmosphere was joyful and the city was active, exploiting the nature in the best way.

With the evening coming we started the research for a pitch for our tent. We arrived at Getterons Camping right in time to get a nice and quiet pitch. The camping is quite big and almost full but, thanks to some trees, we managed to put our tent in aside the others. We ate a good gulasch and we rested to be ready for the adventures of the next day.

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