Smogen the city of colors and the paradise of Koster islands

Our road trip between Smögen and Vassbotten along the Sweden coast

The morning of the second day we woke up early, ready for a busy day. We left to continue going up towards the centre of Sweden. We proceeded along the coast towards Tjörn, where we would have loved to go the museum of the watercolour, which should be located in a amazing landscape. Unfortunately in Sweden most of the activities open at 11 am so the visit at the museum wasn’t possible, it would be for another time. 


So we head towards the town of Smögen: a town with seaside tourism, known for its long wooden pier lined with numerous colorful houses. Once we arrive we really enjoyed the marine atmosphere, the beautiful sunny day made us even want to put on the swimsuit. The restaurants on the pier offer fresh fish dishes but the menus entirely in Swedish and the prices not so cheap, made us opt for a good lunch outdoors with smoked salmon and dill, which is really a bargain at the supermarket.

Stromstad-Koster Islands

We took the car back and, with Oslo direction, we coasted the sea. We arrived in Strömstad ready to embark to explore the Koster Islands. These islands are really just a few kilometers from Norway and are a good starting point to observe the seal colonies that populate the nearby rocks. You can find all the information in the Strömstad tourist info, right in front of the harbor.

From here the Koster islands can be easily reached by ferry in about 40 minutes. We decided to explore the northern island, the wildest and most suitable for trekking. Arrived on the island, you will feel like you landed in an idyllic, quiet and convivial place. The houses that can be seen from the trail are all colorful, with well-kept gardens full of flowers. Moreover, the absence of cars made us appreciate the silence and the sounds of nature.

Proceeding along the path that crosses the island, we arrived at the only campsite of Koster which, initially immersed in the pine forest, then extends onto the beach of light sand.

The view of the beach led us to take off our shoes and to walk in the water, with a really pleasant temperature. The fine sand then made space again to the pinewood and the salt rocks, taking us back to the inhabited part of the island where we got back to the return ferry.


The hour was late, but we had already chosen our destination for the night: a camping on the lake on the border with Norway: the Bullarebygdens Camping, near Vassbotten. The best camping of the holiday, not so much for the services, as for the breathtaking landscape. We pitched the tent by the lake and ate at sunset, while the kids were bathing on the shore. All around us only woods and nature.

Here our next day adventures.

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