Sweden and the lively Gothenburg

Our itinerary for the fifth and last day of our road trip in Sweden from Vänersborg to Gothenburg


When we woke up we could not help but think back to the fantastic experience of the previous night: the safari on the plateau. We then had breakfast and prepared the backpacks quickly to be able to reach Halle and Hunneberg as soon as possible and catch the look of some wild moose again. Arrived in the mountains we walked the road as the previous evening, sometimes penetrating the thickets. A lively classical music ‘style who seeks find’ made the atmosphere but we could not see anything unfortunately.

We would have gone when the wood was still silent. A little disappointed because of our high expectations, we headed to the town of Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city.


From the verdant places of nature and peace, you will pass to a lively, dynamic and buzzing town of young people. To find some local flora we immediately headed to the park Trädgårdsföreningen.

The beautiful sunny day made all the citizens meet at the park, ready to sip a beer sitting by the river. We have made a tour through the flowers and the fantastic rose garden, one of the largest in Europe, hosting an extraordinary number of different species.

We then headed to the heart of the town and walked along the main road. The many restaurants with elegant verandas were already crowded, we headed to the Gothenburg Museum of Art. For those under 25 years the entry is free, so even if you might not be interested in all areas of the gallery, a tour is worth doing. It ranges from exhibitions of contemporary Nordic artists with bizarre and hypnotic installations, to photographic exhibitions of great emotional impact, up to the most classic painting that then flows into the cubism and abstractionism of Picasso and Kandinsky.

We finally headed to the airport where we reluctantly left this green country with colorful houses, rich fauna, dense flora and kind population. We hope to come back soon and discover the central and northern regions of Sweden.

What do you think of this 5-day itinerary along the south-western coast and continued in Dalsland? Has he inspired you? In the next post I will give you tips on how to save money and on the musts of a trip to southern Sweden.

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Piaciuto eccome!!!Non vedo l’ora di partire!

Grazie infinite! La Svezia é un paese favoloso, merita davvero di essere esplorata almeno una volta! 🙂

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