Teeling whiskey: the history of the irish whiskey

Our team Mappando has decided to raise the alcohol level this time and to discover the typical Irish whiskey in one of the great distilleries: the Teeling whiskey.

History takes us back to the years when the roads were not yet paved and horse-drawn carriages whizzed through the streets of the city.

It is in 1782 when we have to start our story, when Walter Teeling decided to create his business.

You must know that once, in the Dublin area called Liberties, there were no rules and no taxes to pay, which is why so many distilleries began to rise, some of which are still the most famous in the world.

teeling whiskey

In those years the whiskey flowed in rivers and the fight for the best one started.

With the advent of new technologies, the large distilleries that had satisfied thousands of thirsty Irishmen had to close their doors. In fact, production was faster and less expensive now and the empires of Irish whiskey (made in the traditional way) had to give way to new companies, the last in 1976.

Now the story takes a step forward until today when in 2015 Jack and Stephen Teeling decided to reopen the doors of the distillery, because yes the production of Irish whiskey takes more time, but the taste is worth the wait.

irish whiskey

The two brothers resumed the habits of the founding fathers and started again with the old-fashioned whiskey production. The problem you ask will be how to sell whiskey that has 30 years of aging when it is 30 years that the distillery is closed?

Well, if you think that the reserves of Teeling are not enough, add that in 2011 Jack Teeling bought 16,000 barrels of aged whiskey.

There is enough to drink for everyone. The quality is rewarded day by day by palates who taste this whiskey produced by the Teeling family.

whiskey dublino

A must if you’re in Dublin, listening to the story of how the whiskey empire developed in Ireland and then tasting it is an experience!

If you are still sober, continue to browse on our site, if you do not feel up for today then see you next time!

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