A weekend in Annecy

November in Annecy means orange, red, leaves to sprinkle the lawns and a sparkling wind that comes under the scarf.

We decided to spend a weekend in this magical city despite the miles to reach it were not few because it attracted us and the memory of a day spent to discover the walls had left me a sense of curiosity still dissatisfied.

So we left on Friday to discover the landscapes of Lake Annecy.


After my usual research among the apartments on booking I found the Coté Ouest structure, or rather a concept. Karine welcomed us and introduced us into her ecological home. A passive structure built with the use of hemp and with great attention to design. The interiors are treated in detail, clean lines, soft and harmonious colors and organic products. Also in two of its beautiful apartments the terrace on the lake allows an unparalleled awakening.

You can read all the details and observe the apartments directly here.

Oh, I almost forgot, our four-legged friends are welcome. In fact, Pesca has spent its first weekend away from home and has discovered the charm of new perfumes.

The lake

The apartment where we stayed is located in Sévrier, a few kilometers away from the center of Annecy. A walk along the banks is just what it takes to be able to appreciate its characteristics. Between the red of the woods, the calm waters of the lake, the birds in flight, the boats moored and young people to paddle. A relaxed and dynamic atmosphere at the same time. We have perceived this sense of relaxation mixed with an energy boost that gives the desire to walk, explore and discover what lies beyond the sight.

We have therefore arrived in the old city where magic increases. From the banks of the lake you enter directly between the bridges and the stone walls between the perfume of fondue and the rustling of the flowing water. The charm comes on with the presence of elegant swans that are around the river. One shot here is the minimum for your travel memories.

For this weekend we did not want to immerse ourselves in museums and old residences, we really wanted to live it in the open air, savoring this atmosphere that a bit lacking in Nice.

We got lost among the streets of the city, touching stone walls and observing the windows full of sweet meringues, colorful macarons and smooth and shiny cakes.

For lunch we decided to rely a bit on our instinct and being a cheese lover we chose a good fondue. We tried the Le Freti restaurant, a warm and welcoming environment where fondue and raclette are the specialties.


Finally returned to a mountain region we could not resist to go with Pesca on our walks through the woods. At the suggestion of Karine we headed to the town of Duingt a few miles south along the lake.

Arriving at the church of the city we headed to the forest to be able to discover the turquoise waters and the snowy peaks from a few hundred meters above the sea level.

With the rays of the sun to illuminate the golden leaves we were distracted to immortalize some leaps of our puppy and finally we have come to observe the 360 ° panorama of the mountains that plunge into the lake.

At this time we really needed a breath of fresh air. Between city life, asphalt, buildings to cover the horizon, you risk losing track of time and yourself.

A weekend for those who love outdoor activities and the charm of the mountains, for cheese lovers and the relaxed atmosphere of the shores of the lake, this is a weekend for us in the magical Annecy.

And have you ever been there before?

If you want to see some other shots and videos about our stay in Annecy, go and discover our account instagram: @mappando_inlove.

See you guys next time!

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