A weekend in Verdon

Starting from Nice there are many excursions to discover in the weekends , from the lavender itineraries in Valensole up to the kayak excursions along the inlets of the Lac Sainte Croix, in Verdon.

Today we want to talk about these emerald-colored waters and our weekend spent between small French villages and breathtaking views.

Sillans-La Cascade

We discovered this place by finding a photo with tropical colors among the instagram galleries.

This town is located a few kilometers below the Verdon regional park. When we arrived at the village of Sillans-La Cascade, we immediately lost ourselves among its narrow streets, convinced to find the waterfall in the adjacent woods.


If you do like us, you will discover this small village of artists and small colored houses but you will not find the waterfall. This is in fact before the bridge that precedes the village and from the paid parking immediately on the left you have to go in the opposite direction from the village and after a few minutes of walking you will find the signs for the Sillans waterfall. There will be a bit of walking, many wooden steps to do but don’t fear, the view of the waterfall will be silhouetted in your eyes and catapult you into the equatorial forests. The green dominates, emerald water, meters and meters of water that plunge into a small lake. The photo found on instagram had intrigued us and we must admit that the sight of this waterfall has amazed us.


For our overnight stay we decided to discover one of the many campsites located in the woods surrounding the Sainte Croix lake.

We got ourselves captured from the location of the camping de l’Aigle – CAMPASUN. A very simple but ideally located campsite. It is located on the heights of the lake, a few steps from the village of Aiguines. If you walk down the road to reach it you will be amazed to discover the landscape that will present in front of you. Intense colors, mountains overlooking the lake and unparalleled tranquility. After having enjoyed this relaxed, almost meditative atmosphere, you can head to discover the small village of Aiguines, making you fascinate by its colorful houses, kittens on the benches, the restaurants in the square and the scent of truffles for sale in local shops.


We came here to discover the gorges of the Verdon, see how these mountains descend to the lake and form these narrow inlets of emerald waters.

Being a natural wonder it’s struck by the masses of tourists during the summer and for this reason we advise you to book the kayaks as soon as possible and early in the morning.

We have booked online on Verdon Canoe. Arrived early in the morning we were among the first to venture into the calm waters of Lac Sainte Croix and after a few minutes already many other tourists began to immerse in the green waters. If you continue towards the green area indicated on the map of the site, definitely the most striking, you will be joined by white rock walls, numerous waterfalls and picturesque corners of paradise. You can not go all for security reasons and to preserve the territory then even going back you will have the opportunity to enjoy the view.

Take time to look up at the sky and see only a tongue of blue and rocks all around you. We also had the time to go to the yellow and red area and then stopped at a white beach to rest.

Panorami route D952

Finally, despite the trembling legs and red face we decided to continue to discover the throats of the verdon, this time from another point of view: from the top of its ridges.

The panoramic road D952 in the direction of Rougon allows you to skirt the gorges for much of their extension and see the wonders that the Regional Park of the Verdon has to give. We promised that we will return and with a little ‘more time available we will embark on the beautiful hikes that wind through the white rocks. We hope to have given you some useful tips to explore these villages that will fascinate mountain lovers and more. So at the end you have to rent the kayak or have you preferred the paddle?

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