Venice what to see: 10 places to visit absolutely

If you are preparing for a weekend at the beautiful Venice but you do not know what to privilege here we advise you about what you cannot absolutely miss.

Turning through the streets has an indescribable charm, Venice is unique, even if there are those who will be disappointed by the amount of people who are channeled on feast days. In fact, the ‘calli’ around Piazza San Marco and Rialto become impractical during carnival parties, but you do not have to renounce it. A lot of people do not know that for every place there are countless ways to get there, so our advice is: don’t to be discouraged, there is always an alternative way.

calli di Venezia

Also you should reserve to these places the off-peak hours to not get burned by the bad experience of the crowd.

Venice is so full of sights and palaces to visit that you can go on unusual itineraries and still fully enjoy its beauty and uniqueness.

10 places you can’t miss in Venice

The places that you absolutely can not miss for your first time in Venice are:

  1. Il ponte dell’Accademia. From the Accademia bridge, even if it is currently partially renovated, you can enjoy an incredible view of the canal and photography enthusiasts can challenge themselves by going in the best time to capture the perfect light.Il ponte dell'Accademia Venezia
  2. Il ponte dei sospiri, with its dramatic and sad history, it is one of the most suggestive places to see. His sight will transport you back in time and you will seem to hear the sighs of the prisoners who were led to their fate. A place full of restlessness in ancient times and now full of charm.Ponte dei sospiri Venezia
  3. Il Ghetto:a neighborhood in which you absolutely must go if it is the first time you visit Venice, you can breathe history. The atmosphere is different from what you will find in the most tourist areas.
  4. Il mercato del pescethis portico is one of the emblems of the city of Venice. If you arrived by train you have already understood during your journey the importance of the fish for Venice and walking at the fish market you will find directly at 0 km the products of which Venice makes his living.Mercato del pesce Venezia
  5. Il Fondaco dei tedeschi:one of the most luxurious and panoramic places in the city. This newly opened shopping center has a rooftop terrace that you can not miss. It is located a few steps from the Rialto bridge, so you understand how the view can be breathtaking from that point. I recommend you to remember to book the free visit directly from the site otherwise you can not access the terrace, here there is the fondaco dei tedeschi Venezia
  6. La libreria acqua altaone of the places where Venice tells its story. A library to discover. It will fascinate you, you will find books of all shapes and sizes set between them as to form a mosaic between the boats and the boarded wood. All this with the view on the canal and the taste of poetry.Libreria acqua alta
  7. Cicchetti e ombreif you have arrived in Venice you must experience it. Go to discover of the most delicious cicchetti and wines at the ‘bacari’. An aperitif behind the Accademia is a must. Some suggestions: the lost Paradise, Bacarando, the bancogiro and the bakaro are just some of the most characteristic bacari.Cicchetti e ombre a Venezia
  8. Il teatro la Fenice is one of the most beautiful theaters that I, Giulia, have ever visited. Not only the story of the theater is fascinating and complicated but also the decorations and the whole scene that will show to you once you enter.La Fenice Venezia
  9. La Basilica di San Marco ed il Palazzo Ducale in the beautiful Piazza San Marco are to be seen, if you do not have time to go inside, at least enjoy them from the outside and be hypnotized by their architecture.Piazza San Marco
  10. Buranoif you have the time of a few days available then you absolutely must visit the nearby islands: they are one more beautiful than the other and each of them has a soul of its own. If you really have to choose one go to the colorful Burano, just walking around is a joy for the eyes.Burano island, Venice

If you want to have a map to take with you to know where are the best places to visit, here’s one detailed map of Venice and al the attractions.

Have you enjoyed these 10 places not to be missed in the fascinating Venice? Certainly there are many other views that deserve your attention but listing them all would have been a titanic adventure. Venice is of unparalleled beauty.
Fughe di una giornata

Our advice is to get lost in the streets and discover it by chance, be amazed by all the glimpses that you will find along your way.

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Comments (10)

Grazie per questi suggerimenti!
Venezia l’ho visitate diverse volte ma c’è sempre qualcosa di nuovo da vedere o luoghi da riscoprire 🙂

Sono completamente d’accordo con te Lara, Venezia affascina sempre e tra le sue calli si trova sempre qualcosa di speciale, mai notato.

venezia è davvero bellissima…tra le città più belle d’Italia

Davvero, ora che siamo distanti e abbiamo scoperto molte città europee ce ne stiamo rendendo sempre più conto.

bellissima venezia .. post da salvare x i prossimi viaggi =)

Grazie Francesca 🙂 Venezia é davvero sempre affascinante.

E’ vero, Venezia è sempre una buona idea, sia durante il Carnevale che in altri periodi! Io sono abbastanza fortunata perché da Bologna riesco a raggiungerla comodamente in giornata!

Direi che é proprio una fortuna Chiara. Noi ora che ci siamo trasferiti lontano ne sentiamo la mancanza.

ottimi suggerimenti! La libreria acqua alta è sicuramente una tappa da fare.. diventato un vero cult di Venezia, così come il Fondaco dei Tedeschi.. che vista da lassù! 🙂 Bellissime foto e ottimi consigli 🙂 Ho solo una domanda, come avete fatto a fare quella foto di Piazza San Marco deserta! davvero bella 🙂

Grazie infinite Martina, quella é una delle pochissime foto che sono nel nostro blog ma non appartengono a noi. Volevamo far vedere Piazza San Marco in tutta la sua bellezza e questa foto secondo noi é perfetta.
Venezia si ama! 🙂

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