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Nice, the city that triples its population during the summer is one of the favorite destinations for lovers of the French Riviera. But do you really live it, discovering the magical places where you can savor not only the holiday atmosphere you breathe, but also immersing yourself among the locals to discover shops, markets and special streets?

sedie blu Nizza

We are going to tell you this with the words of who, a few weeks ago moved here, and shortly we will tell you about our change of life.

But back to our beloved city, also chosen by Henri Matisse who said: “Quand j’ai compris que chaque matin je reverrais cette lumière, je ne pouvais croire à mon bonheur Je décidai de ne pas quitter Nice, et j’y ai demeuré pratiquement toute mon existence.” He loved the light of Nice as well as many photographers who did not admire it only during the summer but also during the colder seasons.

sedie blu Nizza

What to see in Nice

The heart of Nice is the Promenade des Anglais, a promenade that runs along the sea, over 7 km long. We love to walk along it from Porto Olympia to the pink dome of the Hotel Negresco. The row of Palms and the sunset light make this place perfect for some shots of street photography.

promenade des anglais

And another must where you can savor the life and colors of Nice is absolutely Cours Saleya: just between the streets of the city and the promenade, you will appreciate the local market, including antiques and Impressionist paintings. All accompanied by rhythmic melodies during the dusk.

Cours Saleya

If the markets are what you prefer then you can not miss that of Libération which starts from Place Charles de Gaulle. Every morning (except Monday) there are fresh fruit sold by farmers, fish and shellfish neatly ordered to make you come immediately ‘I want to taste a bit ‘.

But if you want to try some Nicoise specialties then you must stop at René Socca in Viuex Nice, a d touristy place but the typical Socca (similar to the italian farinata) will be served abundantly in the benches between the narrow streets of colorful houses.

Vieux Nice is one of those neighborhoods that can not be missed. A couple of small streets between colored walls will lead you to small shops with local products. Your senses will be satisfied in seeing colored soaps, tasting flavored salts and feeling the scent of spices and the delicious truffle.

During the tours do not forget to go to a boulangerie (one of our fixed stops) and buy a pissaladière or typical fugaces. A lunch of real Niçois that can be enjoyed on the beach while sitting on the galets, or more comfortably on the blue chairs, observing the horizon.

nice plage

The view of the Colline du château just before the port will catch your eye. A magical place where the climb will be rewarded by the breathtaking view of the blue coast. Do not be intimidated by the steps, during the descent then, along Vieux Nice, will re-immerse you between the colors of the city.

colline du chateau

You may have come to understand that Nice is full of colors and maybe this is one of the reasons we love it so much. If you adore the warm colors too then you will love as much as we do Place Massena: a riot of colors and shapes, I will not tell you anything else, really go there and make you amaze.

Clearly as good gourmands as we are we want to give you another small culinary tip. Ah, first of all know that Kevin is a mouse, as he loves cheese, so what better place to go to live if not France?

cave du fromager

Then, in addition to a visit to the supermarket, where the rows of cheese seems to not end, go to the Cave du Fromager, in Vieux Nice, a magical place, with a suggestive location and excellent dishes, where the protagonist can only be the cheese.

Nizza la Bella

This is just a small introduction to Bella Nissa, which we will also discuss in the next articles. We hope to have made you travel a little with your mind and taste and to have told you how much this city has stolen our heart. Have you ever been there?

Bella Nissa

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