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MAPPANDO  is born form the passion of telling our journeys through images. We wrote about our adventures, taking pictures and videos of what moved us. 

from here, telling stories through photography and videos became our mission.

Giulia studied physics at the university but her creative mind needed to be expressed and so she began to learn 3D art and photography.

Kevin, physiotherapist, studied Peter Walbeck courses and takes any chance to create new videos.  


Rather than only imagine it, now you can see it. Discover how your new home will be, before it should be finished, add your furniture in your ideal room, create new versions of your products and add them in a pleasant visual. 

All of this is possible. 




How to involve your clients at best? With an immersive, moving, dynamic and delicate video, a video created on your values, your products or your adventures.



We organise shootings based on your style and preferences.

Products, people, or hotels and apartments we handle the light at best and shot those little details that really communicate the atmosphere.

what are you waiting for?
let’s tell the next story together. 
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